Sustainable clothing

People are shifting back to the roots, the old is gold coming true, old techniques and learning is taking new form, etc. etc. Haven't you heard all this recently so much? Have you ever wondered why are people saying them? Well, the answer to that lies in the ongoing and upcoming trend called "Sustainability".

Ethical living, co-living, back to the roots, etc. are few macro concepts that have landed in the world and are here to stay for a long period of time. While these concepts were being talked about in terms of Fashion specially, thanks to Novel Coronavirus for bringing it in full-swing motion so quickly.

COVID-19 not only did break many records but also had some positive effects on our life and in the world. One of them was being pushing people actually now towards sustainability trend. The concept of sustainable clothes was there in the market booming but the fast booster is given by COVID now.  But do we really understand what ethical means? It doesn't only mean having clothes made out of natural fibers.

Ethical clothing is actually ethical fashion, a term that describes clothing that has been manufactured, distributed and sold in such a way that it takes into account working conditions, fair trade and environmental impact. Thus, many sectors in the fashion industry are looking into all. The pandemic actually also did a big change in the Sports sector of the world.

Sport Wear is one category that as always been high on both technology and fashion. The industry has now slowed down in a good way and stepping up with sustainable and eco-friendly clothing. Girl sportswear section especially has taken a huge step by shifting itself towards sustainable clothing.

Sportswear for girls has always been an area of extreme research and analysis. Alcis with its Yoga Collection has launched some natural fabrics and collection that gives the person a complete sense of comfort and relaxation.

For all the girls who just love comfort and sweat absorbent tights, look no further as the new sustainable collection gets that covered for you.

Also to give your legs comfort they desire, Alcis has this comfort and heat resistance leggings for those stretch yoga asanas.

Sports t-shirts, comfort shorts and sports bra you name it and the collection has it.

Bring you're A-game and cautious for the environment on with the girls sportswear collection by Alcis . Let the world be a more sustainable and fit planet.