Stay fit with these simple & effective exercises during the lockdown.

With the nation on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, research around the world has shown that being sedentary has affected the mental and physical health of a person and in the current situation, it is exceptionally important to stay active for hundred benefits. Some of the benefits consist of prevention of obesity, reduces the risk of heart diseases, helps reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, so on and so forth. Mentally, working out helps immensely in boosting confidence, helps in releasing feel-good hormones such as endorphins and in reduces stress, anxiety and mental fatigue. With so many reasons to not leave your daily routine of working out, it is especially a great time for people to incorporate and adapt to a healthier lifestyle during the lockdown period.  For runners, the need of tracks cannot be replaced, much like, for weight-lifters, the gym equipment also cannot be replaced,  however staying top of your game is a must for all the hustlers out there which is why we suggest all to make the most of what they have. We have come up with a simple and the best full-body workout regime that anyone and everyone can follow at home, just get your Alcis gear ready and put on some music to get going.


Full Body Workout


By the end of these simple yet effective exercises, your body should feel on fire. Start with 10 reps for each and gradually increase the number to stay fit and strong. To maximize comfort while working out, it's necessary to wear comfortable, stretchy and light clothing that will keep the body temperature normal irrespective of heavy sweating; explore the collection of activewear from Alcis Sports and buy superb quality sportswear online at affordable rates. Keep pushing and go hard this quarantine and make sure to check out our #FlexTheGame Challenge - .