Gear up for Yoga Day this year

One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of maintaining a good mental health. The restricted travel, continuous flow of negative news, and scarcity of materials and resources due to the Coronavirus pandemic are only adding to our growing anxiety. So, how can one find solace in grave situations like this?

Since ages, yoga has helped in keeping anxiety and mental health in check. You should understand that yoga is more than just poses. It helps in improving concentration, creativity, and connects our spiritual and physical being. Yoga teaches us the knowledge of how to live a healthy living!

Yoga Day, which is celebrated on 21st June every year, is round the corner. Practicing yoga during quarantine can be one of the best forms of physical, mental, and spiritual practice in this period. With Alcis Sports variety of yoga outfit collections, you can now embrace each passing day as Yoga Day.

To counter the hypertension and anxiety since the advent of the pandemic, yoga is proved to be very helpful in reducing tension in muscle and joints. There are even many yoga poses which are excellent in managing blood pressure thereby reduces anxiety symptoms. And you can practice them all at your home.

Yoga during quarantine

This year, Yoga Day comes with more health benefits than ever. Celebrating Yoga Day would be different this year as it will focus more on maintaining the social distancing norms.

  1. For starters, you should practice yoga on different mats and try not to use similar ones. You can remove the mask if no one is near your vicinity or you don’t have any symptoms
  2. Start your day early with breathing and medication which is considered as an all-rounder exercise taking care of your body, mind, and soul. You can also start with prayers or an invocation to create a calm environment. Continue with the Surya Namaskar and practice it at least ten times.
  3. Each yoga asanas should be performed slowly with awareness of your physical limits. Nothing needs to be done to perfection! Just let your body loose and practice each pose with proper breathing and medication. After completing your yoga practice, you should bath or eat anything only after 20-30 mins.


To be more comfortable with your clothing, you can always practice yoga in Alcis Sports yoga dress available in various designs and colours for both men and women.

We all have our baggage of problems like obesity, hypertension, cardiac, anxiety, and so on. Even though we have hi-tech medical facilities now but who would want to visit hospitals and clinics these days, right?  In situation like this, yoga can bring harmony to your body, mind, and soul and add more positivity to your life.