Four shorts for your everyday run

At a certain time of the year, we all feel just to put away all the tights and capris, and let our legs breathe in the fresh air with a pair of girl's running shorts. It always feels liberating running without any restriction of any fabric. Hence, we tend to end up running a little faster without that extra layer of clothing.

Girl’s running shorts are the best to get outdoors, trek, and to live life young, wild, and free! So girls, do away with your jackets and tights as Alcis brings to you the best running shorts for girls.

2020 may be a weird year, but the seasons are always going to change and we're going to keep moving. And our shorts are going to be with you, running. Here is a selection of our favorite girl’s running shorts. Check them out!

    • Solid Navy Black Shorts: These traditional running shorts are ready to be your workhouse for early morning or late afternoon runs. Crafted from premium high-stretch performance fabric and breathable mesh, these shorts transfer sweat away from your skin to keep you dry even during high-intensity workout sessions.

    • Printed Green Shorts: Not all running shorts should be black! Add a pop of colour into your workout wardrobe with these printed green shorts. No doubt, these shorts are as subtly bold as your run should be. Also, a vapour barrier helps shield your thighs from sweat.

    • Sapphire Training Shorts With Tights: No one needs a booty short at the waist that rides up while we are running, which is why these shorts are the best. These shorts stay put thanks to the extra-wide, soft waistband and high-quality material. Spunky prints add the extra style statement to your attire.

  • Pink Printed Slim Fit Sports Shorts: We can't get over the pink pop on these shorts and abstract patterning. The design and fabric scream fun fashion with a tailored, cold-coloured inner short and a lightweight, funky-styled outer short.

Girls, these are just a few running shorts from our store. Visit our website to explore the entire range of collections we stock for girl’s running shorts.