About us

The Brand

ALCIS is an authentic sportswear. This brand was born to celebrate uniqueness and authenticity when it comes to performance and sports. We are loyal to newness and modernity, for the people, by the people who believes in celebrating fitness and sports. ALCIS has been chiseled with a belief that raced ahead to become a global youth lingo, belief in a breed which believes that "Sweat is Sexy".

It's a breed that believes, fitness packed with strength, speed and endurance is kickass. This brand offers fitness gear, which is an electrifying mix of technology and fashion, both for Men and Women. It's portfolio spread across the categories like - Running, Training, Yoga, Soccer, Tennis.

Alcis highlights the fitness factor and bridges the gap between high-end and affordable without compromising with the quality of the basic amenities. It's a brand that largely uses autogenesis amenities from yarn to processing. Alcis is for youth, yet for all. Classic in its ways, tough for the trainer and accelerator for the runner.

The Brand Pillers


The power to drive the brand. The most essential of all energy.


Performance is the measure to success. Play to perform.


Perfection shows your devotion to make that one perfect product which you are proud of.

The Technology

Ice tech

Cool is comfortable. Ice tech combines moisture management, fabric construction and ventilationto help keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

Oxy dry

Put sweat in its place. Oxy dry wicks moisture away from your skin, helping you stay drier and more comfortable.

Reflex 360

Reflectivity all around. Reflex360 is a combo of reflective trims on garment, which helps the runners reflect light in 360 degree.


Lightest product. Light-x is the combination of fabric, trims and construction to make the garment light, feels like you are wearing nothing at all.


Strategic air flow in the product to keep you dry and perform better.

Dry tech +

Keep cool and dry with high-tech finish, which allows the garment to breathe whilst at the same time transporting moisture away from the body.

Our Mission

"As we run, we become " is our motto to expand as a brand that focuses on new inspirations, new energy and new insights whereas we also give immense focus on performance, power, and perfection in collaborations with new trends, new innovations, decision-making and solving problems for our sports enthusiastic consumers. We create experiences to infuse out the energy of a consumer who aspires for sports in any forms.

"ALCIS is one of the world's leading sports brands, designing, developing, selling and marketing, apparel. ."

"Sustainability is and remains a key value of the ALCIS brand"