What to Wear to the Gym?

The gyms do have reopened, but our desire to get out of the bed is a little low especially after this pandemic has hit us. But when we have new clothes, we can’t wait to wear it and head to the gym straight away, right?

Well, then this year we have a fashion to save it all. Sports tracksuits are back in action. Yes! You read that right. Wandering why tracksuits or sports track pants coming up in the gym or why is it even a part when the half-world wears it as lazy wear?!

The answer to this question lays in the makeover of the concept that Tracksuits are not for the gym. Tracksuits are unarguably and undeniably the comfiest clothes in the world. According to recent trends and demands, the athleisure has infiltrated the fashion world, and they’ve become a style statement too. Whether you want one to work out in or to stunt on everyone's street style, ALCIS provides stunning sports tracksuits and track pants for all your needs.

Even if you are a person who would prefer the sports track pants over sports tracksuits, you are still in luck. The fashion trends of bringing back the tracksuits for all-purpose also accelerated the category of sports track pants. This all is happening but with the twist. Now people and trends are aligned in a way that gives a win-win situation to both categories people.

If you are a person who just loves to keep things to minimal a pair of sports track pants with nice open gym jacket zipper is a perfect fit.

All black or all colored tracksuits are the recent go for. They provide a look that only combines and gives a wholesome look but looks extremely fashionable. Even the now celebrities are aiming for this look and with now the gym opening after the pandemic tracksuits are the go for outfits. They are fully covered which actually eliminates the danger of touches on the body. The concept of sports tracksuits is on a drive in 2020. Many people are shifting gears and since the current pandemic has actually hit us and made us into wearing comfort wear, sports tracksuits are just the thing for it.

So next to you stuck up on what to wear for the gym, have a look at this option and we guarantee that you will be sorted out!