Gym essentials: Buy Gym Shorts online

Gym essentials: Buy Gym Shorts online

Now that things are slowly getting back to normal and the gyms have opened up, it’s finally time to update your gym kit. Working out in the same shorts you were eating pizza in during the lockdown does not have the same energy. But once you step out of the house to actually buy a pair, things get very confusing very fast. To save you from the lightheaded frenzy of confusion we at Alcis Sports bring you a comprehensive guide to better your search for gym shorts men. For example, what is the difference between training wear and athleisure? Or is woven fabric better or knitted? Just remember to be safe out there, will ya?


Best Workout Shorts for hitting your running goals

Alcis Men Black Solid Slim Fit Shorts Engineered With Dry Tech+ Anti Statix Technology are the most innovative gym shorts men in Indian market right now. Made with a special knitted fabric that prevents wrinkles and is extra durable, these shorts come with Alcis’s Dry Tech+ technology which dries sweat quickly so you can focus more on your training. Anti Statix technology prevents static on your legs so that you can run without your leg hair ripping out due to static. These shorts have an elastic waistband for a great fit and are roomy at legs so that you have good mobility.


Best Gym Shorts Men

Alcis Men Navy Blue & White Colourblocked Slim Fit Sports Shorts are the roomier on the thighs and feature an elastic waistband to give you a great fit. Made especially for gym rats, revel in the great fit which these extra Slim Fit these shorts bring on the table. The knitted fabric makes sure that sweat does not get in the way when you are hitting the glutes. No skippin’ leg day for this guy.


Shorts when you just want to chill

Alcis Men Grey Melange Solid Regular Fit Sports Shorts in gym shorts men are the best pick for when you want to do light training. If you are a bit unsure of extending your gym membership but still want a small boost in motivation, you can opt for these, affordable, all-cotton shorts. Cotton is extremely absorbent and au naturel, so you can rest assured that you are getting the bang for your buck in comfort.


At the end, if you can recognise your own needs and chart your goals, buying gym shorts men becomes a little bit easier. And even if you are not that keen on bench pressing twice your weight and just want some light exercise, you have options to select from.